Why Is It Necessary To Have A Driving License In The UK?

Having a driving license is really important in the UK like every other company. It is an official document in the United Kingdom which gives you the authority to drive various types of automobiles and vehicles of your choice. By this, you will have the access to public sectors and other highways in the country.  This article covers more on the necessity and other features of having a driving license in the United Kingdom.

Use As An Identity Proof

You see in the United Kingdom there is not and available system for separate identity cards. Thus there is an importance of the driving license. They are as given below:

  • They can serve as important identity proofs for the official works purposes. Making a bank account or applying for a passport or visa, are some of the official works.
  • They also help in non-official You can use the driving license where age proof is needed like for instance buying alcohol or movie tickets.

Hence it is seen that driving license in the United Kingdom not only serves as an identity proof but also as an age proof.

For Driving Around the UK

It must be known that in Scotland and Wales along with the United Kingdom, people are administered on the driving sector by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA. They are similarly administered in the Northern Ireland by the Driver & Vehicle Agency or the DVA. Thus you can clearly understand how important a driving license for driving around in the UK and the countries around it. There are laws and orders which determine the importance even further. They are:

  • Road Traffic Act 1988
  • Road Traffic (Northern Ireland) Order 1981

Any person driving a vehicle on any road or highway will be requiring a driving license. It is clearly defined in s.192. It will also be irrespective of an ownership of the land. The road may pass through any one’s land, but the rules apply there too. It eventually allows the public to pass over the private lands. You can say that similar requirements are applied in Northern Ireland.

Who Can Apply For A Driving License In the UK?

People aged 18 or above are eligible to apply for a driving license in the UK. There is a facility of a provisional driving license in the United Kingdom, unlike many other countries. The provisional driving license can be acquired at the age of 15 and 9 months, though the vehicle allowance is limited. These can be upgraded as you age more and according to caliber.

A person needs to have a driving test conducted by the government of United Kingdom before he or she can have a permanent driving license.  This test consists of majorly three sections:

  • Theory
  • A hazard perception
  • A supervised driving examination

A person may only hold a provisional driving license till the permanent one is achieved through these steps. Having a driving license is thus really important and gives you the power to ride any vehicle of your choice.

What To Do If You Lose The Driving License In The UK?

Your driving license can be lost in several ways. It can be damaged, lost or stolen. In this case, you have to get a replacement as soon as possible. This is a legal document without which you cannot have the permission to drive freely on the roads or highways in the United Kingdom. There is a procedure which you can follow in order to get back the driving license. This article covers all those points.

Apply Online For Quick Response

This is the easiest way to get back your lost driving license. If you are not restricted to drive under any legal situations, then you can always apply online for a new driving license. For this, you will need some important documents. These are:

  • You have to provide a valid British passport. You could also do with some other form of identity as well.
  • You should be able to provide the addresses where you have lived at in the last three
  • It would be great if you could provide your National Insurance number if you know that.
  • Lastly, the driving license number has to be provided.

If you can provide all these documents, then you can easily apply online. Once you have applied online, you should receive your driving license within a week or so. The driving license for the UK is made up of two parts, namely the photo card and the paper documents. This step is to be followed for getting your paper documents back.

Driving License lost

Regaining The Photo Id Card

You will simply be issued an electronic copy of your passport photo on your replacement photocard driving license by DVLA. This shall be possible under some conditions. These are:

  • If the photocard license is due to, expire within two years.
  • If you had a UK passport issued in the last five years.

In the case of the absence of a suitable electronic passport photo, your application needs to be sent. This should be done via the post with a new photograph.

Ways To Apply In An Alternative Way

There are people who are not really adept with the online procedures. There are alternatives to it. These are:

  • You can call a certain number and talk about your missing driving license.
  • You can send all the above-mentioned documents through the post.

These methods shall be followed by the same documents that were needed in the online procedures. You also need to note that these manual procedures usually need more than the online ones. You will have to wait for at least three weeks before you get your hands on the full documents

Even if you lose only one part of your driving license, the whole of it needs to be replaced. You cannot get one part from the government. This is because when you apply for a replacement, the new one needs to be registered under a different number. In case you get back your old license, you have to surrender it to the government. It is better to do that after you receive the new one just to avoid complications.

Viewing Or Sharing Driving License Information

If you are staying somewhere in the UK, one facility that you can have with your driving license is to share it with a second person. You can have the facility of viewing or the driving license information over varied issues and also have the authority to share it with others.


Viewing Your Driving License

There are number things that you often wish to know about your driving license, but you fail to do so. While in the UK, you can have this facility of viewing full details of your driving license such as the vehicles that you can drive using your existing license. Also, you can have a look at the checkpoints where you can have a penalty. Even there are times when you are disqualified even if you have a valid license, you can know about such points too.

You just have to contact the DVLA personal, and you can know about all the details that you wish to know about your driving license. You just have to provide them with your driving license number and a few personal details of yours, and the experts will be able to answer all your queries. Now also there is an option of getting such information online.

Sharing Your Driving License

You can share the driving license with some other person or even with a car hire company. To do so, you need to create a check code for the driving license that you are having. The check code that you have created will be valid only for a period of 21 days. For creating check code also you can either call up at the DVLA phone number or can check the official site of DVLA. Even when you are applying for the check code online, you can anytime place a call to the customer care, in case if you are not able to understand anything at a certain point.

Things To Consider While Viewing Or Sharing Of The Driving License

There are some of the important points that you need to take care of while you are viewing or sharing the driving license. The most important thing is that there are some restrictions about doing so. You will be not able to view or share your driving license in the following circumstances:

  • You will be not able to use the services if you have got your driving license registered outside England, Scotland or Wales.
  • You will be not able to use this service to view or check about the progress of your driving license application.
  • The service also will not allow you to check information such as checking your penalty points which have got expired already.

Thus, if you have a driving license in the UK, there are some special features that you can surely use for your convenience. In the case of any kind of problem regarding such features, you can anytime contact the DVLA phone number and talk to the customer care experts who are always available to help you regarding any related issues.